I normally don't have time to write reviews, but i felt compelled by Althea's and Lisa's great service. They did a great job during our trial. Thus, i was very sure they would do an awesome one for my big day. These ladies were sweet, attentive and patient. I loved the fact that they actually listened to what i wanted in terms of the style of makeup i wanted, and nailed it to perfection. At the end of my session, they made me feel like a beauty bride/model. They also interacted  with the photographers to ensure that everything was picture perfect and flawless. I would highly recommend Think Flawless to all brides to be. Great Job guys! Thank You.

Patrice Hawthorne - Hall


"At first I was skeptic about using Think Flawless as I'm embracing a natural look that is simple, not surreal and dramatic with too makeup. Also my experience with makeup artists have always left me with a mask on my face from several pounds of makeup) .However, I knew I wanted to have a professional makeup application for the party I was attending, so I tried them. Can I tell you I was not disappointed. 😥. I don't mean to brag or exaggerate, but I look and felt Amazing!👍👍 ! They are true to those word as my makeup was "Flawwwless" It was refreshing to hear someone say I "You look stunning" instead of "I like your make up". This is because my face did not standout from my attire but complimented my look. What I also appreciated was their recommendation on the colors that I should use(much better than what I had in mind). I only had one problem though which was getting an appointment at the exact time I needed it. But I guess I understand since you are always booked with so many customers and it's only two of you, But I will continue doing my makeup with you ladies and I'm recommending my friends and colleagues as well."

Kaye Brown

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"The ladies at Think Flawless Lisa and Althea were very warm and friendly. They were very professional throughout and the environment was clean and welcoming. Think Flawless did my Valentine Makeup and i was very pleased I especially Loved my eyes and got lots of compliments for the overall look. Thank you

Krys Rose